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Ottawa Laptop & Computer Repair Made Simple. Golden Ratio Tech Solutions. Ottawa Laptop & Computer Repair Made Simple. Golden Ratio Tech Solutions.
Ottawa Laptop & Computer Repair. Made Simple. Clean your phone today to protect yourself and others from viruses and bacteria!

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And that they are up to 17x dirtier than a toilet seat!
Studies show that 1 in 6 cellphones are contaminated with fecal matter...
Your SmartPhone could be making you sick!




Laptop & Computer Repair. Made Simple in Ottawa. Simplify your life and let us take care of your computer problems! 613-715-2046
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The most simple and cost effective way to get your personal or business computers and laptops diagnosed and repaired by us is through our
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Our Solutions

Virus (Malware) Removal, Prevention & Protection

The internet brings us wonderful things, but it also delivers us some pretty nasty Viruses, Spyware Malware, Adware, Trojans, Rootkits, Ransomware and potentially unwanted programs. We've seen them all and dealt with them all... keeping our customers safe and protected is our priority!

Click here to read more about our Malware and Virus Detection, Removal and Protection Service...

Data (File) Recovery Solutions

Sometimes backups fail, or we fail to backup our important files... and sometimes the hardware these files are on starts to fail or dies without notice, taking with it all of our important files.  We can recover almost any file from almost any disaster!  Contact us today for a FREE Estimate.

Data (File) Backup Solutions

In this day and age, important files can easily be lost be it by accidental deletion, misplacement or hardware failure.  We can make losing files a thing of the past... ask us how!

SmartPhone / Cell Phone 100% UV-C Germ Cleaning

Your smartphone is up to 17x dirtier than a toilet seat... did you know that? We can clean it and keep you safer from sickness with the same technology used in hospitals and labs worldwide. Lab results for before and after the 100% UV-C Germ Cleaning is available within 7 business days!

Click here to read more about our Cell / Smart Phone Sanitizing Service...


We offer a number of Optimization packages to suit your needs...  From simply clearing out Temporary Files to Virus Removal and System Tweaking we've got you covered! Contact us for more details.

Remote Support Membership Plans

For residential clients who want to save money, we offer a monthly remote support membership plan. Pay a monthly rate and call us when you need us on most of our services for FREE.  If you internet connection is still active and the computer turns on, we will remote connect and deal with the problem. Otherwise, we offer you alternative options for in-shop, pick up / drop off or onsite service and give you a heavy discount. Contact us for more details.

IT Support Plans for SMB's

In order to save you money, we offer monthly and yearly IT Support Plans for SMB's that include many of our small business services at no extra cost. You pay for a certain number of hours per month in advance and we show up when you need us to fix your computer repair problems or answer the questions you may have about your IT (Information Technology).

Network Troubleshooting, Repair & Cabling

Whether you are at home or at the office, residential or small business (SMB) your network can fail.  When the wired or wireless network breaks down, you no longer have easy access to the outside world nor the other computers on your network.  This can be a disaster when you have an assignment due, a report to file or even a data (file) backup that runs automatically.

If this happens to you, call us immediate and we can help solve the problem ASAP.  Even before network problems happen to you can always contact us for a FREE Network Needs Assessment in which we can help to determine ways that a network problem will cause less (or even no) downtime for you!

Residential Services

We offer in-shop, onsite and secure remote connection services to all of our Residential customers.

SMB Business Services

We offer all of our residential services as well as technology consulting and pen testing for all our Business Clients. The IT Support & Maintenance Plans that we offer make all of our solutions more cost effective for SMB's with a few computers and staff who cannot afford a huge IT department.

Custom Built Computers (PC's)

Beyond upgrades, we can build you a computer to suit your needs... from a simple day to day system (or data server) to a multi-CPU system used for engineering simulation or we could even build you an ultimate gaming computer beyond your imagination!

Hardware / Software Upgrades

Technology changes often and to keep the pace we offer upgrades when the performance gains are cost effective. Hardware and Software upgrades are available. Ask us for a FREE Estimate today!

Screen Replacements

Your smartphone is likely what you use the most.  If you drop it and the screen breaks it can be heartbreaking!  We can help you get back to using your smartphone / cell phone, tablet or laptop by replacing broken screens at a reasonable price.

Apple Repair

Aside from regular PC's, Laptops & Desktop Computers, we can repair all Apple products from iMacs to MacBooks to iPads, iPhones and iPods. We only ever repair devices brought to us in a cost effective manner and never suggest repairs that are unnecessary! Contact us today for a FREE Estimate.

Printer Troubleshooting & Repair

Printers can break down at any time and it usually happens when you need them most! Printers issues go from paper jams to toner, fusers and even mechanical or electrical problems. We can troubleshoot your printer and determine the best course of action to get you back to printing your important documents...

and so much more...

We're excited to help everyone save time and money on laptop and computer repair in Ottawa and beyond!

Clients everywhere are raving about how Golden Ratio Tech Solutions takes the pain out of their laptop and computer repair needs.

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