The Time To Change the World is Now

Have you ever wondered if it were possible for you, and you alone to change the world?  Make the world a better place? For you, for me and the entire human race? I know, that sounds a lot like a Michael Jackson song but, in fact, it is possible. If you're a millionaire or even a billionaire you can do it yourself just like Manoj Bhargava is doing here: Billions In Change You have to want to help to change the world [...]

Checking homework: Ohio dad’s ridicule of Common Core goes viral

How do you make 10 when adding 8 + 5? Keep reading for the answer... As much as the image of the cheque going viral is funny, this points to yet another failure of the old education system.  First people learned math and how to use their brains (which was great), then they learned to use calculators which required them to use less of their brains (not so great)... now, a new method for doing math, called Common Core, is being [...]