Remote Support Membership Plans

Remote Support Membership Plans

Become A Member Today!

Become a member today and enjoy the benefits that come along with your membership.  These benefits include but are not limited to FREE Malware (Virus) Removal, FREE Tune-Up / Optimization and FREE Estimates / Advice wherever and whenever you need it!

Remote Support Membership – Become A Member Today!

Golden Ratio Tech Solutions’ Remote Support Membership Plan gives you access to FREE* remote tech support. Once you join, one of our remote support technicians will be in contact to show you how to fill out a remote support request on our website or to contact us via telephone or email. With the online remote support request, we will get an immediate notification to contact you back as soon as possible. You can use any of these methods at any point during our remote office hours to get quick help with any issues you are experiencing, or answers to any questions you may have.

Anytime you have a question or problem, no matter where you are, contacting one of our technicians and getting our help is only a click away!

*This covers any services that can be performed remotely, including Malware (Virus) Removal and Tune-Ups. If your computer or device won’t go online and a tech has to come onsite or do a pick-up / drop-off, you will get a steep discount on our In-Shop and Onsite Services!

There are 3 ways to backup your important data...
(1) Let your computer do it automatically.

(2) You do it manually and hope you got everything that you need should a recovery be necessary.

(3) You contact someone who will make sure your data is not only backed up properly, but will also save you time if ever data needs to be recovered from the backup as well as keep your data safe from any disaster that could occur including fires, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, nuclear fallout... you name it and Golden Ratio Tech Solutions has you covered!

Many software vendors update their software frequently to patch security flaws that get discovered. Most of these programs don't auto update themselves and if you don't have the latest version on your system you are opening yourself up to security risks that could allow viruses and malware to take advantage, take over your system or worse, steal your identity and credit card information.

Who has the time to keep track of all that? Golden Ratio Tech Solutions can keep track of all of that and more for you! We’d love to do all of this and more for you as a Remote Support Plan Member. Contact Us Today to become our Newest Remote Support Plan Member!

Expert Technicians Are Standing By With Your Golden Solution!

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These programs try to take control of your computer for their owners’ malicious purposes. They may steal your credit card information, send themselves to all your friends pretending to be you, or worse yet hold you and your computer ransom and claim to be the police or government asking for money to protect you. Don’t fall victim to these lies! Call Golden Ratio Tech Solutions today and we will get rid of these nasty viruses for you.  At the same time we will get your computer running like the day it was new!

Printer not working? Can’t get it to connect wirelessly? Connection dropping out periodically? There are common issues that many people experience. Our technicians can resolve them for you in no time. And while they’re there, why not get a tuneup on that PC, Laptop, Macbook or iMac? There’s no reason to put up with technology not working the best it can. Contact Us Today for a FREE conversation about your options.