To Jailbreak or Not To Jailbreak Your iPhone? Here’s Why Not…

Have you Jailbroken your iPhone? Have you thought about it? It is quite easy to do this these days with all the utilities available online that Jailbreak your iPhone... but this breaking news might change your mind just a little bit... It has been found that Jailbreaking your iPhone opens it up to vulnerabilities way beyond those already present in iOS...  Here's living proof that Jailbreaking your iPhone is a bad idea... Read more about the recent Jailbreak vulnerability and [...]

Popcorn Time blames Hollywood for popularity of illegal streaming

As if we haven't heard enough about this lately, this is another nail for Hollywoods coffin.  Hollywood needs to make peace with streaming services like Popcorn Time and actually create their own streaming service, maybe using Popcorn Time's technology, in order to convert people over for a "small" monthly fee.  Netflix, Hulu and others are already doing it for them, but direct from Hollywood would most likely make things even better since Netflix and Hulu subscribers have to wait, [...]

Here’s what it’s like to use Facebook’s virtual assistant, ‘M’

Ever hear of something this absurd? Facebook has a Virtual Assistant named 'M'.  It looks and acts pretty decently but do they need it?  Is Facebook trying to slowly overtake Google by cloning them? We'll have to see what the next couple of years brings between all these tech giants, but I feel some sort of huge merger might eventually happen! Read more about Facebook's new Virtual Assistant, 'M'

Android 6.0 Dev Preview 3 Adds Per-mAh Usage Details For Apps

More specific and detailed information in any OS is very important to some users so why now add it in?  Android 6.0 (M or Marshmallow) is making it simpler to understand how much power from the battery is important so that we can decide which apps to turn off from automatic startup or even using at all if they are power hogs!  Before now it was always confusing and hard to determine by ourselves which ones were the worst [...]

Microsoft Snip finally brings a better way to screenshot on Windows

Ever wished you had software built into Windows that you didn't have to pay an exorbitant amount of money for and would allow you to take awesome screenshots?  Well, Windows 10 now has a way... called Microsoft Snip.  Works great and works on mobile as well. Give it a try or read more about Microsoft Snip here: Microsoft Snip, A Better Way To Screenshot in Windows 10

One more major Windows 10 hassle: Upgrading your computer might mess with your free Windows 10 activation

Thinking about upgrading the hardware in your MacBook, PC or Laptop?  If so, you may have to find a way to reactivate your Windows 10 license if it decides that the hardware change is too much beyond the initial Windows 10 installation configuration.  There is a way to deal with this problem, but it can be a pain to deal with.  If you get Windows 10 activation errors then it is a good time to contact a professional. Golden Ratio [...]

Uber seen reaching $10.8 billion in bookings in 2015 – fundraising presentation

It is amazing to see the number of bookings projected for Uber in 2015 and 2016.  Will the rise of Uber be the end of cab companies as we know them?  Will laws be enacted to allow both to coexist? Only time will tell. One thing is certain, the rise of these crowdfunded startups like Uber is going to disrupt the world's laws and big corporations.  I'm betting that back in the 90's the world's governments and big corporations didn't even [...]

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Yet Another Car-Hacking Scandal

In other news, more car hacking... as if my last post wasn't enough, thieves have overcome one of the new technologies that we use on the newest cars everyday. The Key FOB... they can "hack" it and steal your car with ease!  Instead of coming up with these ideas for movies, how about we use those ideas to test and make current technology better, safer and more secure...   Read the original article here: Car-Hacking Scandal

Has your car been hacked yet?

Again, the movies have shown us things that were likely to occur at some point in the future... that future is now!  Tests have shown that current vehicles with electronics within them who are connected to the internet can, in fact, be hacked.  Some cars more than others are affected, but it in time we will see how bad it might get... Already the "tests" have led one vehicle manufacturer to recall millions of vehicles in the US. Now they [...]

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Windows 10 Best Laptops To Buy

Windows 10 is awesome... but don't buy a new Windows 10 laptop right now because there are new processors coming that will be worth the wait.  A desktop is a different story.  Those are bigger and usually contain bigger and better hardware to begin with but since laptops are so compact and contain a battery you want to maximize performance and battery life. Give it a few months and it will be worth it.  Most people likely won't notice the [...]