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Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Crazy fast 3D printers, ultraportable bikes

Innovation is everywhere, but you have to sift through all the useless inventions to find the diamonds! Check out a few of the inventions that were recently uncovered:

Amazon shows off new prototype delivery drone

Will this idea really fly? Will it really take off? Jokes aside, we're not too sure it will be as useful as Amazon thinks but it does help to push the laws involving drones forward since there is a big corporation leading the way for commercial drones.  What do you think of the potential privacy issues as well as the possibility of remote hacking of the drones? Read more at the original article:

Hacker fakes German minister’s fingerprints using photos of her hands

Going from password-only security to biometric only security is not going to hack it in this new world of hacking, security breaches and technological innovations!  Biometric security has been fairly easily hacked already based on the hacks listed in the article:  Hacker fakes German ministers fingerprints using high resolution photo's of her hands Technically even your retina scan can be hacked and faked.  What do you think is a better alternative? A combination of both, or what they call 2-layer [...]

‘Kids Trade’ App Lets School Kids Swap Unwanted Toys With Other Students

What an awesome idea...  Kids can trade their items with parental approval.  Now the kids can do the work, learn to part with items and get "new" things all on their own. Read more about this new kids trade app here:

Android Porn app takes secret photos then holds phone for ransom

A new twist on the ransomware scheme, a porn app for Android takes photos of you without your knowledge then locks your phone for ransom... Learn more about how a new Porn app takes secret photos of you before ransoming them for cash