Android Porn app takes secret photos then holds phone for ransom

A new twist on the ransomware scheme, a porn app for Android takes photos of you without your knowledge then locks your phone for ransom... Learn more about how a new Porn app takes secret photos of you before ransoming them for cash

Forget megapixels, this is what you really need to know about smartphone cameras

If you are like most people, you probably figure that the more megapixels you get in your camera for your money the better right? Although megapixels are important, there are other aspects of the camera that can make or break picture taking, bringing your pictures from 'ok' to 'amazing'... If you can take fast, successive pictures that are not blurry, zoom in far without loss of detail and even take images while moving around then you have a better [...]

Control your Android from Windows 10

Would you even want to control your Android phone or tablet from your computer? The better scenario might be to consider a Windows Phone which automatically works just like your Windows Machine!  There are technicalities due to different OS', but technicalities aside, or at least with different technicalities, you can sort of control your Android device with Cortana in Windows 10... Fun or useless? You decide! Learn how to Control your Android from Windows 10

The Latest Cortana Beta App Lets Users Replace The Google Now ‘Swipe Up’ Gesture

Personally, I've never tested Siri on iPhones and have mostly disliked Google Now up until recently due to it only responding in a few special places that I have to be in on my Android Phone in order for it to be useful.  Now comes Cortana, Microsofts virtual assistant whom is getting better at responding by the week and is integrated into the desktop so that it just works no matter what you are doing!  Microsoft has now brought [...]

Android’s latest security mess will get worse before it gets better

Another month, another exploit.  July saw Stagefright come along, what might we expect next for more security in our OS's? Google, Microsoft, Apple and others seem to be playing catchup to horrible bugs that are being found in their systems.  Can these systems ever be secure? What horrific bug will be found next? Only time will tell! Read more about how Stagefright opens up a new can of worms... and how Android's latest security mess will get worse before it gets [...]

Another high-risk Android vulnerability discovered, Google publishes a fix

If you thought Android's Stagefright bug was a big deal, there is yet another Android bug that has been discovered by researchers.  Bricking vs Full Permissions... which do you feel is worse? Either way the unfortunate part about this new bug as well as other bugs recently found in Android is that even though Google is quite to publish fixes to them, handset manufacturers and telecom companies are slow at pushing them to customers.  In fact, you may never [...]

HTC Caught Storing Fingerprint Data in Unencrypted Plain Text

In this day and age, how can any company feel that storing any information, let alone fingerprints, in an unencrypted format makes any sense?  Surely someone at HTC must have been sleeping during that meeting!  Android OEM's better wake up and smell the lawsuit coffee coming soon to a fingerprint reading phone near them... Apparently it is not only HTC doing this but many Android OEM's as well. Will this make consumers think twice about using a fingerprint reader for biometric [...]

Cyanogen Claims To Have Over 50 Million Users Globally

Did you know that Google is not the only company that created the Android OS? Do you run any custom ROMs like CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android and OmniRom on your Android SmartPhone?  If so we'd like to hear about your experience with them. Read more here: Cyanogen Claims 50 Million Users Globally

Google relaunching Android One phones to hit $50 ‘sweet spot’

Do you find smartphones to be too expensive? Well, Google has definitely tried to fix that problem once again with the Android One! We shall see if that helps adoption rates for smartphones in other parts of the world.  The Android One could be a pretty decent smartphone for under $50.  Hopefully, Google can make the Android One happen! Read more about Google's Android One plans here: Google Relaunching Android One phones to hit $50 'sweet spot'