Control your Android from Windows 10

Would you even want to control your Android phone or tablet from your computer? The better scenario might be to consider a Windows Phone which automatically works just like your Windows Machine!  There are technicalities due to different OS', but technicalities aside, or at least with different technicalities, you can sort of control your Android device with Cortana in Windows 10... Fun or useless? You decide! Learn how to Control your Android from Windows 10

Now Is The Time To Upgrade To Windows 10

Our Clients often ask us, “Should I upgrade to Windows 10?” Our answer to this question is that you absolutely should upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible... As of today, Windows 10 has now been available to the general public for over 2 months, and it has been available to tech and developers for over a year.  This upgrade makes your computer faster, safer and more stable than ever before and the best part is that, for most people, [...]

The Latest Cortana Beta App Lets Users Replace The Google Now ‘Swipe Up’ Gesture

Personally, I've never tested Siri on iPhones and have mostly disliked Google Now up until recently due to it only responding in a few special places that I have to be in on my Android Phone in order for it to be useful.  Now comes Cortana, Microsofts virtual assistant whom is getting better at responding by the week and is integrated into the desktop so that it just works no matter what you are doing!  Microsoft has now brought [...]

Microsoft brings native translation features to Cortana in Windows 10

Cortana can be awesome... the Microsoft demo showed her off and made her seem superb, but until they update her more than with just translation features and if only Cortana was available in Canada without setting my computer region to the US, then that would be awesome... Read more here about Cortana's new features: Cortana Gets Translation Features in Windows 10