Disruptive Technology

Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook to become better than you at hearing and seeing things (FB)

Do you think an online system can become better than you at hearing and seeing things? Read more about Mark Zuckerberg's desire for Facebook to become better than you at hearing and seeing things.

Google is working on a time travelling car

Ever dreamed of travelling through time to see events from the past, be a part of historic events or even travel far into the future to see what happens on Earth?  Well, it appears that google has done it and that it will be doing public tests as early as next year.  The project is called Project Flux and Google has been thinking far into the future for ways to advance technology... Read more of the Details Of Google's Top Secret [...]

The Time To Change the World is Now

Have you ever wondered if it were possible for you, and you alone to change the world?  Make the world a better place? For you, for me and the entire human race? I know, that sounds a lot like a Michael Jackson song but, in fact, it is possible. If you're a millionaire or even a billionaire you can do it yourself just like Manoj Bhargava is doing here: Billions In Change You have to want to help to change the world [...]

Cyanogen Claims To Have Over 50 Million Users Globally

Did you know that Google is not the only company that created the Android OS? Do you run any custom ROMs like CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android and OmniRom on your Android SmartPhone?  If so we'd like to hear about your experience with them. Read more here: Cyanogen Claims 50 Million Users Globally

Uber seen reaching $10.8 billion in bookings in 2015 – fundraising presentation

It is amazing to see the number of bookings projected for Uber in 2015 and 2016.  Will the rise of Uber be the end of cab companies as we know them?  Will laws be enacted to allow both to coexist? Only time will tell. One thing is certain, the rise of these crowdfunded startups like Uber is going to disrupt the world's laws and big corporations.  I'm betting that back in the 90's the world's governments and big corporations didn't even [...]