Android Porn app takes secret photos then holds phone for ransom

A new twist on the ransomware scheme, a porn app for Android takes photos of you without your knowledge then locks your phone for ransom... Learn more about how a new Porn app takes secret photos of you before ransoming them for cash

Exploit in latest Chrome puts Every Android Phone at Risk

New chrome exploit allows hackers full access to your Android phone without your knowledge. This is why you should always be careful online no matter the possible exploits. Are you careful online or do you trust links that you click on? If you use chrome on your desktop it is a good idea to install the free Avira browser safety addon.  It helps you avoid potentially malicious websites and warns you of legit sites that may have been compromised. Read [...]

Hackers cash out directly from ATM’s, no longer need to steal your card first!

Ever wondered what black hat hackers do in their spare time? Well, now we know... they come up with ways to make ATM's pay money without the need to insert a legit card!  The process is simple as described in the article.  The ATM's just spits out money to whoever has the access setup using special malware that was created and voila... instant cash!  At least this stops them from stealing our money but you still need to watch [...]

Another high-risk Android vulnerability discovered, Google publishes a fix

If you thought Android's Stagefright bug was a big deal, there is yet another Android bug that has been discovered by researchers.  Bricking vs Full Permissions... which do you feel is worse? Either way the unfortunate part about this new bug as well as other bugs recently found in Android is that even though Google is quite to publish fixes to them, handset manufacturers and telecom companies are slow at pushing them to customers.  In fact, you may never [...]

Are Russian Hackers Using Monkey Videos to Attack U.S.?

We hear about new technology hacks and malware on a weekly basis, but did you know how easy it actually is to hack many different technologies out there and that there are many people who can do it?  Apparently some new information that shows Russia has been hacking U.S. intelligence information has come to light.  If you are unsure what a Monkey Video is, then this is a very interesting article indeed and you should read it. Read more here: Are [...]

Researchers wirelessly hack a Corvette’s brakes using an insurance dongle

Hacking is everywhere and cars are no exception these days.  Now the brakes on a corvette have been hacked by researchers.  The security vulnerability has since been patched and uploaded to the insurance dongles but who knows how many of them out there don't have updates or what other vulnerabilities there could be in such devices that researchers or nefarious hackers might find and exploit int he future?  Only time will tell but let's make security and vulnerability detection [...]

Hackers can trick self-driving cars into taking evasive action

Hackers, hackers everywhere... They will never stop trying to break in and mess with technology so why not pay them to find the bugs and fix them? Another 'hack' for cars to deal with...  This time a way to confuse lidar technology used in autonomous cars has been found. What will be "found" next? With technology comes great responsibility. Are humans up for the responsibility to keep each other safe? Read more about the autonomous car lidar hack here: Hackers Trick [...]

To Jailbreak or Not To Jailbreak Your iPhone? Here’s Why Not…

Have you Jailbroken your iPhone? Have you thought about it? It is quite easy to do this these days with all the utilities available online that Jailbreak your iPhone... but this breaking news might change your mind just a little bit... It has been found that Jailbreaking your iPhone opens it up to vulnerabilities way beyond those already present in iOS...  Here's living proof that Jailbreaking your iPhone is a bad idea... Read more about the recent Jailbreak vulnerability and [...]

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Yet Another Car-Hacking Scandal

In other news, more car hacking... as if my last post wasn't enough, thieves have overcome one of the new technologies that we use on the newest cars everyday. The Key FOB... they can "hack" it and steal your car with ease!  Instead of coming up with these ideas for movies, how about we use those ideas to test and make current technology better, safer and more secure...   Read the original article here: Car-Hacking Scandal