Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook to become better than you at hearing and seeing things (FB)

Do you think an online system can become better than you at hearing and seeing things? Read more about Mark Zuckerberg's desire for Facebook to become better than you at hearing and seeing things.

Facebook finally reveals its ‘dislike button’

Finally, another way to voice our "genuine" emotions in the emotionless void of the internet!  Yes there are emotions on the internet, but they can be masked and faked very easily. Will people find a way to misuse this new feature of Facebook? Facebook has really thought about this change for a long time so I hope it turns out to be a good change... Read more about how Facebook finally revealed what its 'dislike button' will really look like!

Here’s what it’s like to use Facebook’s virtual assistant, ‘M’

Ever hear of something this absurd? Facebook has a Virtual Assistant named 'M'.  It looks and acts pretty decently but do they need it?  Is Facebook trying to slowly overtake Google by cloning them? We'll have to see what the next couple of years brings between all these tech giants, but I feel some sort of huge merger might eventually happen! Read more about Facebook's new Virtual Assistant, 'M'