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December 2015

Ransomware and scammy tech support sites team up for a vicious one-two punch

Think it can't get any worse for scams and malware online? Think again... this time, they are combining their efforts to really make their payday.  Ransomware, software that locks your files or system and asks for money in return for unlocking have teamed up with scammy anti-virus and tech support sites to deliver an awful blow to anyone looking for help online to repair their computer on their own.  Deals that look too good to be true and websites [...]

November 2015

Parenting in the digital age: Should we be handing our laptops to our children?

Personally it is obvious that our children should learn life skills out in the environment.  Life is not lived entirely with electronics and online so we should not be teaching our kids only electronics and online skills.  Those are just new tools for communication and making life better and easier (in general)! The article discusses the lives of people at both ends of the spectrum. I feel that somewhere in the middle is where we should be teaching our [...]

October 2015

Now Is The Time To Upgrade To Windows 10

Our Clients often ask us, “Should I upgrade to Windows 10?” Our answer to this question is that you absolutely should upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible... As of today, Windows 10 has now been available to the general public for over 2 months, and it has been available to tech and developers for over a year.  This upgrade makes your computer faster, safer and more stable than ever before and the best part is that, for most people, [...]

August 2015

Welcome To Our New Computer Repair & Technology News Blog

As of today, we will be posting technology news as well as information about our laptop and computer repair services in Ottawa on our new blog.  This will be the place to get information about new technology trends that we are following which we hope will make the world a better, safer place! We also would like you to join us by sharing us with your friends, family and co-workers so that they can receive the same Golden Solutions that [...]