Belkin Router Vulnerable to Hacks

Do you own a Belkin router? If so, check to see which model it is... The Belkin N600 DB Wireless Dual Band N+ router is vulnerable to a hack that was discovered recently... We can help you fix the problem once Belkin releases a firmware update for this router. Contact Us for more details and read more here: Belkin Router Vulnerable to Hacks

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Yet Another Car-Hacking Scandal

In other news, more car hacking... as if my last post wasn't enough, thieves have overcome one of the new technologies that we use on the newest cars everyday. The Key FOB... they can "hack" it and steal your car with ease!  Instead of coming up with these ideas for movies, how about we use those ideas to test and make current technology better, safer and more secure...   Read the original article here: Car-Hacking Scandal

Has your car been hacked yet?

Again, the movies have shown us things that were likely to occur at some point in the future... that future is now!  Tests have shown that current vehicles with electronics within them who are connected to the internet can, in fact, be hacked.  Some cars more than others are affected, but it in time we will see how bad it might get... Already the "tests" have led one vehicle manufacturer to recall millions of vehicles in the US. Now they [...]