Online Safety News

Online safety is a primary concern of Golden Ratio Tech Solutions which is why we focus so hard on making sure your smartphones, tablets, laptops or computer is repaired properly and is virus / malware free. The news we share in this section pertains to making sure the citizens of Ottawa are aware of the prevalence of Malware (viruses) that have been discovered online as well as ways to prevent problems and keep your identity and devices safe while online.

December 2015

Consumers are being warned about “Porch Pirates”

As 2015 comes to an end, let us be reminded that 2015 was the greatest year yet for online sales with package shipping on the rise.  "Porch Pirates" are on the loose, so please try not to leave packages unattended on your front porch for long periods of time... Read more of this new trends at the original article: Consumers are being warned about "Porch Pirates"

November 2015

Hacker fakes German minister’s fingerprints using photos of her hands

Going from password-only security to biometric only security is not going to hack it in this new world of hacking, security breaches and technological innovations!  Biometric security has been fairly easily hacked already based on the hacks listed in the article:  Hacker fakes German ministers fingerprints using high resolution photo's of her hands Technically even your retina scan can be hacked and faked.  What do you think is a better alternative? A combination of both, or what they call 2-layer [...]

October 2015

Now Is The Time To Upgrade To Windows 10

Our Clients often ask us, “Should I upgrade to Windows 10?” Our answer to this question is that you absolutely should upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible... As of today, Windows 10 has now been available to the general public for over 2 months, and it has been available to tech and developers for over a year.  This upgrade makes your computer faster, safer and more stable than ever before and the best part is that, for most people, [...]

Android’s latest security mess will get worse before it gets better

Another month, another exploit.  July saw Stagefright come along, what might we expect next for more security in our OS's? Google, Microsoft, Apple and others seem to be playing catchup to horrible bugs that are being found in their systems.  Can these systems ever be secure? What horrific bug will be found next? Only time will tell! Read more about how Stagefright opens up a new can of worms... and how Android's latest security mess will get worse before it gets [...]

September 2015

HTC Caught Storing Fingerprint Data in Unencrypted Plain Text

In this day and age, how can any company feel that storing any information, let alone fingerprints, in an unencrypted format makes any sense?  Surely someone at HTC must have been sleeping during that meeting!  Android OEM's better wake up and smell the lawsuit coffee coming soon to a fingerprint reading phone near them... Apparently it is not only HTC doing this but many Android OEM's as well. Will this make consumers think twice about using a fingerprint reader for biometric [...]

P999: What Teenage Messages Really Mean

For all the parents out there, this one is for you...  Always be informed about what your child is doing online and understand the lingo! I have 3 kids under 5 and I worry about what they are watching online currently...  Someday soon-ish I'm sure I will need to monitor my kids more.  Our kids are way more Tech savvy than even we who grew up with technology in our teens are because they have grown up with it from [...]

Belkin Router Vulnerable to Hacks

Do you own a Belkin router? If so, check to see which model it is... The Belkin N600 DB Wireless Dual Band N+ router is vulnerable to a hack that was discovered recently... We can help you fix the problem once Belkin releases a firmware update for this router. Contact Us for more details and read more here: Belkin Router Vulnerable to Hacks