Amazon shows off new prototype delivery drone

Will this idea really fly? Will it really take off? Jokes aside, we're not too sure it will be as useful as Amazon thinks but it does help to push the laws involving drones forward since there is a big corporation leading the way for commercial drones.  What do you think of the potential privacy issues as well as the possibility of remote hacking of the drones? Read more at the original article:

Hollywood studios begin suing Popcorn Time users

Is Hollywood going to win these cases?  Maybe if they made it more affordable to watch the content created in Hollywood people wouldn't have to resort to piracy!  Popcorn Time is filling a void that exists, one that Hollywood should be trying to fill itself in order to fix the problem it has created... Read more about the Popcorn Time Hollywood Lawsuit

To Jailbreak or Not To Jailbreak Your iPhone? Here’s Why Not…

Have you Jailbroken your iPhone? Have you thought about it? It is quite easy to do this these days with all the utilities available online that Jailbreak your iPhone... but this breaking news might change your mind just a little bit... It has been found that Jailbreaking your iPhone opens it up to vulnerabilities way beyond those already present in iOS...  Here's living proof that Jailbreaking your iPhone is a bad idea... Read more about the recent Jailbreak vulnerability and [...]

Popcorn Time blames Hollywood for popularity of illegal streaming

As if we haven't heard enough about this lately, this is another nail for Hollywoods coffin.  Hollywood needs to make peace with streaming services like Popcorn Time and actually create their own streaming service, maybe using Popcorn Time's technology, in order to convert people over for a "small" monthly fee.  Netflix, Hulu and others are already doing it for them, but direct from Hollywood would most likely make things even better since Netflix and Hulu subscribers have to wait, [...]