Hacker fakes German minister’s fingerprints using photos of her hands

Going from password-only security to biometric only security is not going to hack it in this new world of hacking, security breaches and technological innovations!  Biometric security has been fairly easily hacked already based on the hacks listed in the article:  Hacker fakes German ministers fingerprints using high resolution photo's of her hands Technically even your retina scan can be hacked and faked.  What do you think is a better alternative? A combination of both, or what they call 2-layer [...]

Telegram cracked down on 78 ISIS-related channels in 12 languages this week

Yet another communication channel lost to ISIS.  Hopefully, the information they gather will help find ISIS members. Read more about Telegram's crackdown on ISIS at the original article here: Telegram cracked down on 78 ISIS-related channels in 12 languages this week

Ashley Madison: Life on the internet after the adultery website hack will never be the same

This hack, in particular, shows how vulnerable information is online and should make everyone question the information they put online a bit more than they used to... but guess what?  It likely won't!  If it doesn't affect you personally you likely feel as if you are invulnerable to hacking... but I can guarantee you are not.  Viruses, malware and hacking is everywhere.  Just like this site shouldn't even exist, so shouldn't malware... but it does and it affects us [...]

How to kill Wi-Fi Sense password sharing in Windows 10

Do you think it is wise to share your password?  What is the reason you put a password on something? No, and to keep unwanted people out of course!  This new feature in Windows 10, where when you connect to a Wi-Fi network you are given the opportunity to share this network with friends and consequently an encrypted version of the Wi-Fi password as well. Wi-Fi Sense is not so big a deal, in general, except maybe you don't [...]