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November 2015

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Crazy fast 3D printers, ultraportable bikes

Innovation is everywhere, but you have to sift through all the useless inventions to find the diamonds! Check out a few of the inventions that were recently uncovered:

Amazon shows off new prototype delivery drone

Will this idea really fly? Will it really take off? Jokes aside, we're not too sure it will be as useful as Amazon thinks but it does help to push the laws involving drones forward since there is a big corporation leading the way for commercial drones.  What do you think of the potential privacy issues as well as the possibility of remote hacking of the drones? Read more at the original article:

Hacker fakes German minister’s fingerprints using photos of her hands

Going from password-only security to biometric only security is not going to hack it in this new world of hacking, security breaches and technological innovations!  Biometric security has been fairly easily hacked already based on the hacks listed in the article:  Hacker fakes German ministers fingerprints using high resolution photo's of her hands Technically even your retina scan can be hacked and faked.  What do you think is a better alternative? A combination of both, or what they call 2-layer [...]

Parenting in the digital age: Should we be handing our laptops to our children?

Personally it is obvious that our children should learn life skills out in the environment.  Life is not lived entirely with electronics and online so we should not be teaching our kids only electronics and online skills.  Those are just new tools for communication and making life better and easier (in general)! The article discusses the lives of people at both ends of the spectrum. I feel that somewhere in the middle is where we should be teaching our [...]

eVADER project to give electric vehicles new sounds

Have you heard a purely electric vehicle as it comes towards you? Making a lot less sound than an old fashioned gas guzzling car, it can be hard to realize that one is coming towards you!  To remedy that a new EU-funded collaborative project called eVADER will help... Read more about the eVADER project in the original article: eVADER project to give Electric Vehicles new sounds

Man Builds Fully-Functional Control Panel For His Computer

If you ever wondered what it would be like to push a real physical button to save your Word documents or to open your favorite programs with the push of a button then wonder no more... someone on Reddit created his very own, fully functional. overhead control panel for his computer!  We have to say kudos for the fun DIY project... Read more about how a Man Built a Fully-Functional Physical Control Panel For His Computer!

This new Chrome extension replaces ‘terrorist’ with ‘coward’ on the Web

With the Terrorist attacks in France linked to ISIS, someone thought it would be nice to label them properly online: Check out the original article here: A New Chrome Extension that Replaces 'Terrorist' with 'Coward' everywhere on the internet or you can download the Chrome extension yourself here: 'Terrorist' to 'Coward'

October 2015

Google is working on a time travelling car

Ever dreamed of travelling through time to see events from the past, be a part of historic events or even travel far into the future to see what happens on Earth?  Well, it appears that google has done it and that it will be doing public tests as early as next year.  The project is called Project Flux and Google has been thinking far into the future for ways to advance technology... Read more of the Details Of Google's Top Secret [...]

The Time To Change the World is Now

Have you ever wondered if it were possible for you, and you alone to change the world?  Make the world a better place? For you, for me and the entire human race? I know, that sounds a lot like a Michael Jackson song but, in fact, it is possible. If you're a millionaire or even a billionaire you can do it yourself just like Manoj Bhargava is doing here: Billions In Change You have to want to help to change the world [...]

September 2015

Microsoft releases its light version of Windows 10 for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is here and it is here to stay!  Microsoft is making sure Windows 10 is on everything by releasing a version of its latest operating system for use on all Internet-connected devices.  This is a great thing for Microsoft and for the world at large and is a welcome change to what has been a fragmented technology over the last 2 decades.  All of our devices will be able to more easily communicate with [...]