Onsite Computer Repair Services

Onsite Computer Repair Services & Rates - We Come To You!


Any time you call us to book an appointment for onsite laptop or computer repair services, the conversation and estimate are FREE! There is never a charge to go over the problem with you, to give you a sense of exactly what might be going on and to discuss your laptop or computer repair options over the phone.

Mobile / Onsite Service Area

Golden Ratio Tech Solutions' Basic Service Area in Ottawa Valley. Laptop & Computer Repair. Made Simple.

Computer Repair Services

Our technicians specialize is building custom computers to your specifications. Whether you’re into hardcore gaming or stock trading, we can help you get into the computer that fits your needs. Give us a call for a free consult and our specialists will give you a quote for the perfect computer to fit your needs.

Running slow? A painless performance upgrade might be just what you need. Often times the easiest way to speed up a computer is to upgrade some of the slower components that might be holding back your computer. We specialize in giving old computers a new found life.  Contact Us Today to ask one of our techs about upgrading your Operating System, RAM or installing a speedy Solid State Drive (SSD). Your aging computer could easily beat the newest models with a few simple upgrades and some elbow grease. Remember, as always, the conversation is FREE…

Computer won’t turn on? Don’t buy a new one, we can simply repair the problem! Our techs specialize in startup issues. If your computer wont turn on, it’s no trouble for a tech to come out and fix that for you. Often times hey already have the parts with them in the car!

Damaged hard drive? Can’t open or read your SD card? Don’t sweat it. We offer FREE consultations on Data Recovery. Stop using the device immediately and Contact Us.  We’ll have a tech take a look at it and let you know exactly what the options are. We have all of the tools available for data recovery. If it is possible to get your data back, we can do it. Our techs specialize in all forms of data recovery from a simple file / partition recovery to advanced clean-room hardware dis-assembly & repair. We can get your data back, and get you back in business.

Virus & Malware Removal

These programs try to take control of your computer for their owners’ malicious purposes. They may steal your credit card information, send themselves to all your friends pretending to be you, or worse yet hold you and your computer ransom and claim to be the police or government asking for money to protect you. Don’t fall victim to these lies! Call Golden Ratio Tech Solutions today and we will get rid of these nasty viruses for you.  At the same time we will get your computer running like the day it was new!

These obnoxious malware programs watch everything you do and inject ads into the websites you visit or popup annoying windows overtop of what you are doing and making it really hard to close them. They may even report your personal information to malicious third parties. Getting rid of them is no problem for our expert Techs at Golden Ratio Tech Solutions. Often times it takes just a few minutes and you don’t even have to get up from your computer. Contact Us Today for a FREE conversation about your options and let us help protect your information and identity from online threats!

Computer Hardware & Accessories

Printer not working? Can’t get it to connect wirelessly? Connection dropping out periodically? There are many common issues that many people experience with their printers. Our technicians can resolve them for you in no time. And while they’re there, why not get a tuneup or repair on that PC, Laptop, Macbook, iMac or Computer? There’s no reason to put up with technology not working the best it can. Contact Us Today for a FREE conversation about your optimization options.

“My cat pulled the keys off of my laptop!” This story is more common than you might think. Replacing a damaged keyboard or even just a few keys is no trouble, is more cost effective and affordable than you might think. Contact Us Today for a FREE Estimate on a Keyboard Replacement for your Laptop Repair and we’ll have you back to typing like nothing ever happened… except even better because all the keys will be legible and the crumbs will be gone too! 😉

We offer FREE e-waste recycling for all your e-waste needs.  Make an appointment to drop off your old monitors, keyboards, laptops, or any other electronics and we will properly dispose of it in accordance with legal requirements for the dangerous metals and substances inside these old devices.