Smartphone / Cell Phone Sanitizing Service using Ultraviolet Light (UV) kills 100% of Germs

Smartphone / Cell Phone Sanitizing Service using Ultraviolet Light (UV) to kill 100% of Germs, Viruses, Bacteria and other Pathogens

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Did You Know?

Your cell phone could be making you, your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers sick!

We’re referring to the nasty, enduring and dangerous pathogens, bacteria and viruses that our cell phones carry around with them every day, which we may catch and could be making us or others around us sick!

The most common bacteria found on cell phones are Streptococcus, Staphylococcus and Corynebacterium which can make people sick. Even worse still, many tests have shown that 1 in 5 cell phones has coliform (E. Coli) bacteria on them.  This bacteria is usually found in fecal matter (yes that means there might be poop on your phone) and can cause cramps, diarrhea or even worse! Those tests revealed between 2,700 and 4,200 units of coliform bacteria were on the cell phones. To keep things in perspective, the allowable limit for coliform bacteria in drinking water is less than 1 unit per 100 ml.

Where Do You Take Your Cell Phone?

We take our cell phones everywhere, we use them everywhere and germs are transferred to and from your cell phone all day long.

What this means is you are potentially making yourself or others sick by not making sure your cell phone is properly cleaned of germs (bacteria and viruses) that cause sickness and disease like the flu or worse…

Here’s a real life example to see how widespread and quickly we can infect each other with nasty, sometimes deadly germs!

You’re at work, you’re very busy and you have to go to the bathroom… your cell phone is always in your pocket because you never know when your boss is going to call your cell phone or text you with the next BIG thing that NEEDS to be done.

You’ve been holding it for over an hour working on an urgent task, but you finally decide to go to the bathroom.  You get to the bathroom and you’re almost done #2 when BAM, your boss calls you on your cell phone. You can’t just let your cell phone go to voicemail and ignore your boss, so you hurry up and then answer it… You’re holding your phone in one hand, the doorknob in the other while talking to your boss, and rushing out the bathroom door to work on something even more urgent that your boss has brought to your attention that he wants to be done immediately!

You race to your desk to get started on the task that your boss just asked you to do because it is needed in 30 minutes. While you are working on this new task, a co-worker approaches, cell phone in hand, and hands their cell phone to you to show you a new picture of one of their kids doing something really funny. You oblige, take the phone and a quick peak and hand it back to them since you are in a hurry but don’t want to ignore your colleague.

This person’s day goes on and on like this. Sometimes they wash their hands and sometimes they just forget due to distraction.  How many people in the office might this happen to on a daily basis?  What sorts of things do they touch that they never think twice about? Not washing their hands before moving on to something else, what if they then decided to have a snack or lunch?

Do you see where this is headed? What if the colleague was sick with the flu but didn’t want to miss a day at work and so came to work anyways? BAM, the person in the story might get home tonight and start feeling sick with the flu…

Cell Phones are used in kitchens Bathrooms Offices Schools Stores and transfer nasty germs pathogens and viruses -- Golden Ratio Tech Solutions. Keeping clients healthy one cell phone at a time. - Golden Ratio Tech Solutions. Laptop and Computer Repair. Made Simple in Ottawa.
With over a million germs on your cell phone, is it making you sick? Golden Ratio Tech Solutions. Laptop and Computer Repair. Made Simple in Ottawa. Helping to keep our clients healthy with our new smartphone UV cleaning service!.

How Can You Clean The Germs Off Your Cell Phone?

You might think that regularly wiping down your device with a moist microfiber cloth is sufficient to eliminate many kinds of common bacteria. However, more enduring and dangerous bacteria like the flu virus or clostridium difficile (C. Difficile, which can cause diarrhea or even inflammation of the colon or worse in individuals with compromised immune systems) may require a sterilizing agent like bleach or alcohol.

The biggest problem here is that you shouldn’t ever use window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia or abrasives to clean your cell / smart phone.  These products can cause great damage to your cell phone’s screen, screen protector, case, ports, and even leak inside your cell phone device and harm the electronics.

At the same time, Hospitals, Doctors and Medical Scientists all agree that this process should be performed at least once per month to be most effective at keeping your cell phones the cleanest they can be from the nastiest viruses, bacteria and germs that get transferred onto them daily. We at Golden Ratio Tech Solutions also suggest at least a once monthly sanitizing to help keep the flu and other nasty viruses and bacteria away to keep you going strong so you can enjoy life!

We Have The Best Solution for 100% Effective Cell Phone Cleaning in Ottawa

We have the latest innovative medical technology that will properly clean your cell phone / smartphone from pathogens, viruses, and bacteria that could cause severe sickness or worse. Book an appointment today to visit us for your cell phone germ cleaning, or we can come onsite to you!

Medical establishments have been using this technology for over 100 years to clean medical instruments and to kill pathogens, bacteria, and viruses. Our technology uses the same UV-C light to kill 100% of the pathogens, viruses and bacteria on your cell phone keeping you healthier and allowing you to live a better life.

We are the only place in Ottawa that has this technology and our cell phone / smartphone cleaning and testing service takes about 10 minutes per cell phone and you will receive the lab report via email within 7 business days of the cell phone cleaning.

We offer discounts on multiple devices cleaned on the same visit and have a convenient mobile / onsite option that allows you to continue with your day at your home or office without much interruption!  Contact us today for more details or to book your cell phone sanitizing appointment!


StandardCell Phone Sanitizing Service (with Lab Testing Report)$24.99

With the Silver Smartphone and Cell Phone Sanitizing Service you get the piece of mind that your phone is 100% virus, bacteria, and germ free.

In addition to performing the same 100% UV-C sanitizing service as the Bronze Package, we offer a lab test before and after the sanitizing process so that you will receive via email in 5 to 7 business days. You can then compare and see for yourself how much cleaner your phone is after our cell phone sanitizing and cleaning service.

Please Note: This is a per visit price and we recommend sanitizing your cell phone at least once per month.

BasicCell Phone Sanitizing Service$14.99

Our Basic Cell Phone and Smartphone Sanitizing Service allows you to get your smartphone or cell phone 100% UV-C sanitized without having to wait for lab results and saves you some money in the important process of helping to keep you healthy.

Please Note: This is a per visit price and this package does not contain the lab testing and testing results via email. Golden Ratio Tech Solutions recommends sanitizing your cell phone at least once per month.