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Windows 10 Best Laptops To Buy

Windows 10 is awesome... but don't buy a new Windows 10 laptop right now because there are new processors coming that will be worth the wait.  A desktop is a different story.  Those are bigger and usually contain bigger and better hardware to begin with but since laptops are so compact and contain a battery you want to maximize performance and battery life. Give it a few months and it will be worth it.  Most people likely won't notice the [...]

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Anyone been waiting for the next Fallout game? Here it is…

Unfortunately for fans of the Fallout series it is not Fallout 4... yet!  Bethesda has released an addicting mobile game for your time-wasting pleasure.  It's interesting to see something new after so many years, but this mobile craze of time-waster games is starting to really bug me.  At least with PC and console games there is the potential for more immersion but these mobile games where you just collect resources (or pay money to get some) is crazy.  Let [...]

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Robots who can create more of their kind… are we asking for trouble?

Is it just me or are the ideas and thoughts from sci-fi actually creating the future technology that we are using and will use in the future?  I guess if we can imagine it then it will eventually become real (science-wise anyways and not fantasy-wise as I am sure that superpowers like comic book superheroes are unlikely to become a reality in the same sense as portrayed in the comics). What other technology from past sci-fi do you see becoming [...]

Stuck with Windows 10 Insider Preview? Think Again…

If you decided to try Windows 10 early on like we did and are stuck with a message in your bottom right-hand corner with a Windows 10 Build # Insider Preview Not Activated then you are in luck. You need to go into your Windows update settings and check out the advanced options. Your insider preview button might have an error that says "Fix me". To fix the problem, follow the instructions once you click on the button. [...]

Is this our first look at Huawei’s Nexus?

Should Google do the same as Apple and release 2 handsets at the same time, one bigger than the other? Only time will tell if this is a good strategy.  Do you like to hold a massive phablet up to your ear to talk on the phone?  Let us know your thoughts. Read more about Google's upcoming Nexus Phablet from Huawei here: Is this our first look at Huawei's Nexus Phablet?

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How long have hackers know about this intel x86 exploit?

I love the title of the article... "Old Intel chips are vulnerable to a fresh security exploit".  I read that and wonder what they mean by "old".  I then read the article and find out what they mean by "fresh" and "old"... Old in this case means a good 50% of intel based computers in existence on the planet. Fresh means something that was likely discovered by someone long ago and used to exploit governments or big corps without [...]

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Ten Tips and Tricks for Windows 10

Debating upgrading to Windows 10? Microsoft's latest and greatest really is just that... great! Better search, security, better performance and the start menu is back! I can't wait to see what future updates have in store for us. Keep the updates and awesomeness coming, Microsoft. For anyone who has upgraded but want to make some changes to default settings that you appear to get stuck with here are some tips to help you on your [...]

Apple may unveil new iPhones on September 9th

Why not have yearly updates? Inf fact why not make devices upgradable?  In order to keep advancing towards the ultimate future, we need to keep making everything better for a brighter tomorrow...  Read the article: <a href="" target="_blank">Rumor: Apple iPhone Event Sept 9th</a>

Make your own 3D Hologram Projector by following these easy steps

An awesome DIY Project to do with the kids!  It will teach them how to use their hands to build something and they get to see something cool in the end... Click here to open the article... Golden Ratio Tech Solutions has a mission... to make sure everyone has access to technology that will enhance their lives and make the world a better place! That is why we make Laptop & Computer Repair in Ottawa a Simple Solution and just [...]

Welcome To Our New Computer Repair & Technology News Blog

As of today, we will be posting technology news as well as information about our laptop and computer repair services in Ottawa on our new blog.  This will be the place to get information about new technology trends that we are following which we hope will make the world a better, safer place! We also would like you to join us by sharing us with your friends, family and co-workers so that they can receive the same Golden Solutions that [...]